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Vehicle Gun Safes

Car gun safes is a smart solution for secure transportation of your valuables. They should be portable and light yet provide significant protection from pry attacks. The best gun safe for car is built from strong material and equipped with steel lock blocks, anti-pry brackets, good hinges, etc. However, one of the most important characteristics of a good vehicle gun safe for sale is a locking system. It should be robust yet sophisticated and provide easy and quick safe opening. Although a good locking mechanism can increase the price of the box, it is not the feature to save on. High quality electronic locks are the most popular in this regard. It allows both perfect security and quick access.


Speaking about size and dimensions, it is worth mentioning that the most popular is a small gun safe for car. It has 10" height, 30" width and 15" depth so that it can be easily hidden under the seat. Small vehicle gun safes are designed for pistols. However, rifle car safes are quite deeper, they may have 45-50" depth.

Weight of gun safe for car

Car gun box should be light and portable. It means that it should be built from not heavy-weight but strong materials, have compact size and convenient for transportation design. Portable gun safe for car weights 20-60 lb on average.


Locking mechanism should be considered while choosing a quick access gun safe for car. It should be robust on the one hand and convenient on the other hand. The best option for the purpose is a biometric car gun safe with a fingerprint lock. It provides immediate opening and helps avoid hassles with keys.


The best car gun safes are built from heavy duty 10-12 gauge steel and have a steel door. All the bolts, hinges and plates should be strong and thick. Car safes need to be covered with durable finish and have an anti-scratched carpet lined interior to provide longer service.

Car attachment

For security purposes, you need to attach your gun safe to a car. Depending on the size of your vehicle and your preferences you may either choose to have a car mounted gun safe or one with a cable. A car gun safe with cable can be attached to the frame of a seat. If you want to have your gun safe mounted, you may drill holes in the floor of your vehicle and bolt the safe down.

Vehicle gun safe price

The price for a gun box for car is not high as a rule. They come for sale within the price range between $175 and $610. In-car gun safe price depends on security features and quality of material it is made from.

Questions & Answers

What are car gun safes?

A small gun safe for car is a light and portable box. It allows an owner to have a gun with them whenever they go. Such safe can be attached to the car seat or even mounted for more security.

What weapons can be put in car gun safe?

Generally there are two types of a vehicle gun safes. The one for rifles and a car gun box for pistols. The former is good for long weapons and the latter for short ones.

Where to buy car gun safes?

The Safe Keeper offers a wide collection of vehicle gun safes. You can choose and buy the one at our store for a good price.

How much does a vehicle gun safe cost?

A gun safe for vehicle is quite cheap as it is compact and doesn`t require a lot of steel to be built from. You can buy the one for the price that ranges from $130 up to $600.

Car gun safes of what brands do you offer for sale?

We recommend buying a car gun box & safe from US manufacturers. The list of our favourites includes Hollon, Fort Knox and V-Line.

Whether you're a daily commuter or not a frequent traveler, a car gun safe is an essential investment for responsible gun owners. In the article "The best gun safe for quick access," you'll find an overview of the top car gun safes that provide a secure and easily accessible location for your firearm while on the go.