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More About Home Safes With Mechanical Lock

Whereas many people are looking for innovative high tech locks, there are still those who prefer home safes with a mechanical lock. And they make the right choice! Home safes with a dial lock have been around for years because they are very durable and dependable. Mechanical lock will never go wrong due to power outages, dead battery or electronic malfunctions. In addition, these safes come for sale at a lower price. If you buy a safe with a combination lock, pay attention to its manufacturer. Many of our safes are equipped with S&G dial locks that are known for their unprecedented quality, robustness and endurance.

Mechanical combination lock safes

Mechanical combination lock safes belong to the most traditional types of vaults. As a rule, a mechanical dial safe has a wheel for inputting code combinations to lock and unlock it. The most common are 3 or 4 wheel locks that allow up to dozens of million combinations. The main advantages of mechanical combination locks are robustness and simple maintenance.

Mechanical key lock safes

The oldest yet still actual are mechanical key lock safes. They are closed and opened with a key. Although the key can be stolen and misused by a burglar, mechanical key lock has some benefits. Whereas the combination lock requires you to remember the combination, the key one doesn't. When people know the code to open a combination safe, they can have access to it until the owner changes it. Meanwhile a person can open a key lock safe only when they have a key. Since the owner takes the key back, they no longer have access to the safe.

Lock ratings

The most popular system of mechanical safe lock ratings was suggested by Underwriters Laboratories. UL 768 standard specifies 4 ratings for combination locks called groups. Group 2 is the lowest rating that means that the safe cannot be opened by an unauthorized person with little experience of safe opening techniques. Group 2M lock is expected to withstand 2 hours of professional attempt to open it. Group 1 mechanical lock provides the highest level (20 hours) of resistance from a professional break-in attack. Group 1R has all the features of the previous group but can also withstand decoding using X-ray or similar technologies.


The Safe Keeper has been an authorized dealer and mechanical safe supplier for years. From our experience we should note that high quality products are made by American mechanical safes manufacturers. The leaders on the market are Hollon, Fort Knox, Browning, Champion brands.

Questions & Answers

What is a mechanical home safe?
A mechanical home safe is equipped with a traditional dial lock. The locking system is robust, dependable and cost effective. For opening a mechanical safe a user needs to enter the combination of numbers by rotating a dial.

What are the advantages of mechanical combination locks?
The main advantage of mechanical combination locks for home safes is no hassle with maintaining them. The locks require neither batteries nor frequent repairs.

Are home safes with mechanical combination locks reliable?
Sure. Home safes with mechanical combination locks are really reliable due to the strong materials they are built from. Moreover, combo locks allow thousands of combinations, which makes nearly impossible to guess the unique code of the safe.

Mechanical home safes of what brands do you offer?
There is an abundant choice of home safes with a mechanical lock. Thus, it is really important to choose a reliable one. We recommend buying mechanical home safes from such proven US brands as Hollon, Fort Knox, Champion, and Browning.

How much does a mechanical home safe cost?
Mechanical home safes are generally a bit cheaper than similar units with biometric or digital locks. However, the price doesn`t depend only on the locking mechanism, but also on a lot of other features. On our website, you may see home safes with mechanical locks within the $ 189 - $12,500 price range.