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Superior Safes

The combination of words "superior safes" means better than other things of the same kind. Superior gun safes have impeccable quality and striking exterior design. Superior safes for sale are represented on our website in various colors and dimensions. The safe prices range from $1,525 to $10,550 for the base configuration, and depend mostly on availability of additional interior options, type of lock protection and ratings.

However, all gun safes from Superior Safe Company provide surpassing protection of your firearm and valuables from fire, water and theft. Another perk is a lifetime warranty, which is also a good proof of reliability and durability of the vaults! We are proud to be a Superior safes authorized dealer. It goes without saying that if you buy superior brand quality, you will feel absolutely safe.

Superior Gun Safes List

More About Superior Safes

All Superior Gun Safes Come With the Excellent Security

Excellent Security

Superior produces high-grade wear resistant safes due to innovating experience. All safes are fitted with guard lock with Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™ and have amplified durability thanks to Double-Steel Door Casement™. All types of safes are equipped with four-way active door bolts. This means safety.

Every Superior Safe Provides High Fire Protection

High Fire Protection Rating

Superior Safe has multi-layered isolation with thickness 5/8" Fire Code Type X. Superior's Multi-layer Thermo Insulation and exclusive Double-Step™ and Triple-Step™ doors give the utmost fire degree in the industry. The doors are equipped with multiple fire hardening. The insulation is set ideally.

Appearance & Interior Of Superior Gun Safes

Appearance & Interior

Effective inside placement and duplex gun stands of Superior allow unexcelled long gun keeping. It also assumes for optimum floor space employment. Superior's steel processing mechanism establishes the most inviting directions in the biz. Our hand-maid bicolor coating is the "Best in the Business."

Premium Lifetime Warranty on Superior Safes

Premium Lifetime Warranty

Superior Safe Partnership gives the warranty for each new safe. This means that the safe is free from imperfections in matter and manufacture. If the premium coverage does not refer to the damage, Superior Safe will fix or change any fractured safe. The shipping cost is reimbursed by Superior Safe.

Superior Safe Bodies are Built From American-Made Steel

American-Made Steel

Door and wall steel thickness defines a safe's capacity to guard. All safe corps are produced from 100% durable American-made steel up to 1/4" thick. All Superior Safes are planned and built with American-made ASTM Certified high durability steel plate and excel strict security demand from the UL RSC.