Fireproof Home Safes

Minimal Price: $322.00 Maximum Price: $5,078.00

More About Fireproof Home Safes

There is no doubt that a fireproof safe should be in every home. Our life is full of surprises, therefore it's always a good idea to protect our precious things from unexpected dangers which can happen anytime. Choosing the best fireproof safe to buy for home, think about what protection you need, what size it should be and the price you can afford to pay. The Safe Keeper offers an abundant variety of fireproof safes for sale. There are steel fireproof home safes which can withstand external temperatures of up to 1700°F for 2 hours and the storages which will protect their content for 1 hour at 1832°F. You can also find good fireproof safes of absolutely different size for home use here. The costs of our fireproof security safes vary highly depending on the two characteristics mentioned above.