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90 minute fire safes

People who live in rural areas far from local infrastructure are recommended to buy a 90 minute fire safe or even a bit more for their precious belongings. This time will be enough to put out the fire even if the fire brigade would delay their arrival due to long commute.

On the page below there are the best models that offer more than 90 minute fire protection. What`s more, these units have strong burglary protection, perfect design and uncompromised US quality.

Questions & Answers

What is a 90 minute fire protection safe mean?
A 90 minute fire safe offers serious protection from fire. This fire rating shows that the storage is able to keep the internal temperature up to 350° for up to an hour and a half. Such safes are good for storing papers, digital media and precious valuables.

How much does 90 minute fireproof home safe cost?
90 minute fireproof home safes require much thick steel to be built, a fire board and other features. Thus, such units may not be cheap. The price for a 90 minute fire safe starts from $1,500.

90 minute fire rated safes of what brands are available at your store?
We are proud to sell 90 minute fire rated safes of almost all leading manufacturers on the USA market. These are Browning, Pacific Safe Manufacturing, Fort Knox, and Hollon.