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1 hour fireproof home safes

1 hour fireproof safes offer a middle level of fire protection. The time is enough even for protecting the most fire vulnerable content such a data storages, jewelry, and devices. It is worth noting that safes that have much higher fire rating than 1 hour ones are significantly heavier and more expensive. Thus, storages that offer 1 hour and a bit more fire rating have the best ratio of fire resistance and price.

Below can you find the best selection of home safes with more than hour fire protection for the best price.

Questions & Answers

How much does 1 hour fireproof safe cost?
A 1 hour fireproof safe offers the best ratio of fire protection level and price. Such safes cost from $3,000 to $5,000 on average. But depending on other features there are cheaper and more expensive models.

Is a 1 hour fire safe enough?
A 60 minute fireproof safe is enough in case you live in a city or suburbs. Such storage is also good for keeping notes, papers and documents.

1 hour fire rated safes of what manufacturers are available at your store?
At our store you may find only high quality 1 hour fire resistant safes made in the USA. We recommend buying units from Browning, Pacific Safe Manufacturing, Champion, Fort Knox, Hollon brands.