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2 hour fireproof safes

If you need a safe for very valuable or expensive things; you live far away from an urban area; or your house is located in a fire prone region, buy a 2 hour fireproof safe. Storages with such a feature will provide you the peace of mind that your valuables are in a fire proof place. As a rule a 2 hour fire safe is built from the strongest steel, equipped with security features and has perfect design. All home safes on the page below offer more than 2 hours fire protection and great quality.

Questions & Answers

Will a 2 hour fireproof safe survive a house fire?
A 2 hour fireproof safe means that the unit has met the standards of surviving homefire for 120 minutes. Such safes keep an interior temperature less than 350°F being exposed to fire for the specified time.

How much does 2 hour fire rated safe cost?
In general a 2 hour fire rated safe is the highest quality unit that has not all needed features to protect from fire but also top notch security and design. Thus, such safes are a bit costly than the ones with a lower fire ratings.

2 hour fire resistant safes of what brands are available at your store?
The Safe Keeper has been selling 2 hour fire safes from reliable US manufacturers. Safes made by Pacific Safe Manufacturing, Fort Knox, and Hollon are available at our store.