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More about Fort Knox Executive Series Home Safes

The designers of Fort Knox Executive home safe did a lot of work to make it blend in with any interior. It is available for sale in various textures, colors and glosses. We should also admit a very convenient interior of Fort Knox Executive Series home safes. All in all, they feature only important traits, quality materials and a fair price!

  • Fire Protection:90 mins, 1680°F
  • Overall Body Steel Thickness:1/4"
  • Door Edge Steel Thickness:5/8" (.64)
  • Locking Bolts:11 - 1.5"-Diameter
  • Door Organizer:included

Executive Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Fort Knox Executive home safe is like a powerful guard responsible for the security of jewelry, precious papers, money and other valuables you keep at home. And it has everything required for the purpose. It comes for sale built with 4-gauge solid steel walls and 5/8" door thickness. The level of protection from burglars is determined by 11 locking bolts made of strongest steel and intentionally placed at all sides, corners & bottom of door and on top. Moreover, the door defense system of Fort Knox Executive Series home safes includes a bunch of various features which are quite rare for the storages within the same price range. The series offers the best balance of quality and price!

(Cubic Feet)
Weight (lbs)
4026 40" x 26" x 20" 10 650 11