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More about Fort Knox Treasury Series Home Safes

We should acknowledge that Fort Knox Treasury home safes offer high-end protection due to thick steel bodies and liners. The series is also known for its elegant customizable exterior design. Fort Knox Treasury Series Home Safes come for sale in a number of colors, finishes, graphics and lock types. For extra price you can make the storage you need.

  • Fire Protection:120 mins, 1680°F
  • Overall Body Steel Thickness:1/2"
  • Door Edge Steel Thickness:1/2"
  • Locking Bolts:11 - 1.5"-Diameter
  • ArmaKnox 3/16″ AR500 Liner
  • Stainless Steel 10 Gauge Liner

Treasury Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

The unique selling point of a Fort Knox Treasury home safe is excellent resistance against burglars and fire. The series comes for sale equipped with AR500 3/16" liner (for additional price a buyer can add up to four layers more); and second stainless 10 gauge steel liner for that purpose. Moreover, Fort Knox Treasury Series Home Safes have several customization features. First of all, they are available in various exterior finishes and several interior fabrics to choose from. Secondly, they can be equipped with either dial, electronic, biometric or redundant locks. And thirdly, it is possible to choose the color of lock. Buy the safe which meets your needs. Fort Knox Treasury series home safes prices range from $10,813 to $12,507 for the base configuration.

(Cubic Feet)
Weight (lbs)
4026 40" x 26" x 20" 10 1043
6026 60" x 26" x 20" 16 1402