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More About Small Safes for Documents

Looking for a small document safe, focus on its dimensions, weight, fire rating and type. Decide where the safe will be installed, then you can choose the vault which will fit the place, and match the interior design. Some brands sell portable document safes that are useful if you need to carry valuables, say from your office to home. Such storages are lighter and smaller. Choose small fireproof safe for documents with fire rating from 1 to 2 hours. The Safe Keeper offers for sale document safes of several types. Here you can buy either a wall or a floor or other type which suits your needs.

Questions & Answers

What size is a small document safe?
Small document safes vary depending on their dimensions. A future owner may want it to be either narrow or lower. One of the smallest storages for papers at our store features 12" height, 16" width, and 14" depth.

Are small document safes fireproof?
Not all of them are. But we would recommend choosing a small fireproof document safe. We offer a number of small document storages which have up to 2 hours of fire resistance.

How much does a small document safe weigh?
A very light small document safe may be made of poor quality materials. Thus, a normal weight for a robust and fireproof safe should be at least 79 pounds.

Small document safes of what brands do you offer?
We should admit that there are not so many brands that specialize in small safes for documents. Among the best of such, we would mention Hollon, Fort Knox and Browning.

How much does a small document safe cost?
Small safes for documents are quite inexpensive. You may buy a good quality one for $ 1,000. However, if the storage comes for sale equipped with a high level of fire protection and reinforced burglary, the price for it will be a bit higher.