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More About Large Fireproof Safes for Documents

Large document safes have different dimensions and types. Therefore, buying the vault, first decide where it will be installed.

Mind that safes for docs come for sale with shelves, drawers, compartments which allow an owner to arrange everything in the right order, and use as much of the space as possible. No doubt that the best choice is a large fireproof document safe. Some brands offer up to 2 hours of fire rating. A good storage for documents should also be equipped with security features such as locking bars, a heavy duty vault hinge, anti-pry tabs and others.

Questions & Answers

What size is a large document safe?
There are no specific dimensions for a large document safe. They may vary much. An example of large storage for papers at our store features 60" height, 25" depth, and 30" width.

Are large document safes fireproof?
Not all of them are. But as you are going to buy storage for papers that are prone to burn fast, you`d better choose a large fireproof document safe. Some of the units at our store offer up to 2 hours of protection from fire.

How much does a large document safe weigh?
A large document safe is quite hefty. The weight of such a unit depends on steel thickness, fire insulation, and anti-theft equipment. The heaviest large document safe, we offer for sale at our store, is 1499.99 lb.

Large document safes of what brands do you offer?
The Safe Keeper sells large safes for documents exceptionally from reliable American brands. The best in terms of quality-price ratio are the safes made by Fort Knox, Hollon, and Browning.

How much does a large document safe cost?
A large safe for documents built of high-quality steel with fireproof capability cannot be cheap. The units generally come for sale within the price range starting from $2,000 up to $9,000.

Protecting your documents is essential, and "Fireproof document safes: how to store documents in it" explains how a large fireproof safe for documents can provide the necessary security and protection to keep your papers safe from fire and other hazards.