How To Safely Store A Handgun At Home

So you are a lucky owner of a pistol or a rifle. Congratulations! Now you feel safe and able to protect your family. However, there is one minor issue which needs to be resolved immediately after you buy a firearm. You have to think of how to store your gun at home. There are a lot of places and things such as an empty food box, a dirty clothes bin, a closet, an air vent, a hidden floor space that can serve as a safe gun storage at home. It could be anything which meets gun safety rules at home. A gun should be kept far away from fire, in a dry place, it should be quickly accessible and most importantly, hidden from your kids.

How To Safely Store A Handgun At Home

Guns at Home Statistics

Frankly speaking, a lot of gun safe owners either don't know how to keep guns safe at home or ignore the rules and regulations. Some of them are lucky to live for years without any troubles keeping their pistol in the bedside table. However, the data provided by guns at home statistics is really terrifying. More than 4.6 million children in the USA live in places with unsecured guns. The tendency causes hundreds of tragedies. For example, in 2020 there were more than 360 unintentional shootings done by kids which caused 142 deaths. Moreover, more than 80 % of suicides committed with firearms took place at home with own guns.

Keeping Your Pistol Accessible at Home

Here we are with the best solution to the issue with the safest gun storage at home. In order to have absolute peace of mind and be 100 % confident that your pistol is not accessible for your kids, you should keep it in a gun safe. Actually, a safe is also better than other storages as it allows fast access. A handgun safe can be installed in any place at hand and an owner doesn’t need to waste time looking for a gun which is hidden in the air vent, for example.

Let`s figure out what is the best pistol safe for quick access.

Gun safes

We consider that either a small biometric gun safe or the digital one can be the best option in this case. They are both convenient to use as an owner doesn't require a key to open it. All you need is to remember a combination or just to place your fingers on the sensior. Mechanical push button lock is another great option that does not require batteries and is more reliable in the long run.

Small gun safes for handguns are not all the same. They differ by their design and features. Let`s have a look at some of them.

Drawer safes

A handgun drawer safe can be easily kept inside a desk drawer of a study, a bedroom or an office. They are not big to fit into any piece of furniture and are easily portable.

Bedside pistol safes

A bedside pistol safe allows an owner to keep their gun very accessible. One can reach the pistol in several seconds even at night. Handgun safes for the bedroom may be put under the bed; in a bedside table, or a bedroom closet.

Wall mount pistol safes

A wall mount handgun safe offers extra security, as it can be concealed behind a piece of furniture or a painting. Another advantage of a pistol wall safe is its convenience. It allows fast access to firearms as it is installed at eye-level. The position of the safe makes it much easier to reach if compared to the one bolted to the ground. One of the best safes of the type is a wall mounted biometric pistol safe, which can be opened with fingerprints in a second.

Handgun lock boxes and cases

A handgun lock box for home is also a good choice. It is lightweight and compact to fit any small piece of furniture. However, it can be even more useful for taking a pistol and documents to business trips or vacations. A portable handgun lock box allows an owner to have access to their gun any time and anywhere.

Hidden pistol safes

A hidden pistol safe is the device mounted to the wall, floor or built into a usual item so that no one can even suspect that it could be there. A hidden small gun safe saves useful space in the room; offers fast access and unprecedented security from burglars.

A small gun safe for handguns is quite affordable. Therefore, it will not cost you an arm and a leg. But if you keep your firearm unsecured, it can cost lives. Make the right choice!

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Kirillo Byelin
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Kirillo Byelin