How heavy is a gun safe

High quality Gun safes cannot be light. The weight of such a unit starts from 600 and may go up to 5000 pounds. Therefore, when buying a safe, an owner should always be aware of its total weight. The information about weight is needed to choose a proper place for a unit, find the best approach or tool to move it into place, and install it. However, the weights of gun safes differ depending on a number of characteristics. Let's have a look at the main features that can make a gun safe heavier.

How heavy is a gun safe

Gun safe size

The most important aspect is definitely the size of a unit. Obviously, the bigger the safe, the heavier it is. It is determined by the higher amount of steel used to build it as well as more shelves, fire insulation, bolts, hinges, and other equipment. There are small, mid, and large-size gun safes. If you want to choose the lightest one, then you definitely have to compromise the capacity of the storage.


One more important feature which can either reduce or add weight to a gun safe is the thickness of steel it is built from. The thinner the steel, the less the safe weighs. Top-quality gun safes are made from at least 12 gauge to up to 7 gauge steel. Units that have less than 12 gauge steel body, are definitely lighter, and are not considered to be a residential security container.

Fire insulation

Fire insulation is used in gun safes in order to make the safe fire resistant. In order to achieve a significant level of fire resistance, gun safes are loaded with a fireboard. One fire-retarded drywall is 5/8"-2" inch thick. It is made of gypsum pressed between two sheets of paper, and also includes moisture. Some gun safes consist of four layers of fireboard. Obviously, the more fire insulation layers storage has, the higher fire resistance. But also the heavier the weight of the unit is.


The design also affects the weight of a gun safe. Top-quality units are equipped with a thick steel door, heavy bolts, hinges, drawers, shelves, and racks. Although the mentioned things make storage durable and convenient to use, they greatly increase the weight of a gun safe.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Heavy Gun Safes

Obviously a heavy gun safe comes with its pros and cons. The main reason why people want to have it is definitely the level of security. As mentioned above, heavy safes have a higher burglary and fire protection, are more capacious and convenient to use, more durable, and will serve you much longer than poor-quality thin steel light safes.

But there are also several nuisances with heavy gun safes. They are quite expensive, require a special place to be installed on, and are more expensive when it comes to installation and moving.


In a nutshell, the choice of a gun safe is up to a safe owner. Considering all pros and cons described,we hope you will choose a gun safe that best fits your needs. However, don't settle for a heavy gun safe built by a suspicious manufacturer. Not all heavy safes are of the same quality. If you want to be 100% sure that the one you buy will serve you for long, and provide the required security, opt for gun safes made by proven US brands. You may find a large selection of US made safes in our store in Las Vegas or on The Safe Keeper`s website.

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