Hotel safes. Are they safe?

hotel safes. are they safe?

When you travel and stay at a hotel, you need to leave your room from time to time. Whether you want to go to the beach in Miami, attend a conference in New York, or go to a casino in Las Vegas. Obviously you’re not going to take your laptop, jewelry, money or all other valuables with you. You'd rather secure your stuff in a hotel room safe, wouldn't you? The answer is obvious: yes. However, there are few hotel guests who are confident when using a hotel safe that their precious belongings will not be stolen by housekeeping or other visitors. We’ve all heard those horror stories about dishonest staff or hotel theft. Evidently almost every traveller has faced the question “How safe are hotel safes?"

Keeping valuables safe in hotels

As it was mentioned above, we cannot be 100 % sure that hotel room safes are reliable. It is determined not only by the fact that hotel staff have an additional key from the safe or can easily guess the lock combination knowing the psychology of visitors. It could also happen that the hotelkeepers decided to save, and bought cheap safes of low quality which can be easily broken into. If you have a concern about how to keep valuables safe in hotels, here are some helpful tips for you.

First of all, leaving your room, check if you have locked the safe correctly and make sure that you have closed the windows and the door. Some guests are too careless and forget to do it, giving freedom to robbers to get inside the room. Then, hang the Do Not Disturb sign on your door, and the hotel staff will be less likely to enter the room after seeing it. And lastly, bring the most treasured belongings to the hotel security safe deposit box which is kept in the reception area.

Security level

Despite all our worries about hotel safes, the majority of us have never or rarely got in the circumstances when there was something stolen from our room safe. It means that safes make sense but not all of them are equally reliable. Actually we should admit that little do hotelkeepers care about hotel safe security level. In their desire to save, they buy cheap low quality units from unknown hotel safe brands. From our perspective, it is a big mistake hotel managers make. Buying unreliable storages, a hotel loses much more. Travellers will never visit a hotel where they have been robbed or even if they read about its bad reputation in reviews.

Hotel safe lock system

Consequently, if a hotelkeeper doesn`t want to compromise the reputation of the hotel, they should invest in safes which offer a high level of security. It means that the storages should be well designed, built from thick steel, equipped with anchoring bolts and a strong door. Special attention should be also paid to a hotel safe lock system which must be easy to use and reliable. As experience shows, a hotel electronic safe is the most convenient as it doesn`t require a key which guests can lose or forget. Moreover, such a storage is quite inexpensive and really trustworthy as it is nearly impossible to open it without knowing the correct combination.


Frankly speaking, the quality of the safe depends on where it was built. Miser pays twice, as the saying goes. It is not a good idea to buy the cheapest products on the market made anywhere as they will be of a low quality and will quickly break down. It`s better to buy a unit made in the USA by a well-known hotel safe manufacturer. It will no doubt be reliable, durable and loaded with all necessary equipment. One of the brands which make top hotel safes is Hollon. The company has more than 13 years experience in the industry and among leaders in hotel safe box production. As a proof to their flawless quality, Hollon safes come with a limited lifetime warranty which a hotel management can use to their advantage.

hollon hotel safe e20

Hollon E20 Hotel Safe

Best hotel safe for home

We also recommend Hollon hotel safes for home use. Referring to numerous reviews, people buy a small hotel style safe for their personal needs. It probably makes sense, as such storages come for sale at an affordable price, offer enough security and have a compact design so that they can be placed even on a shelf of a wardrobe. Pretty remarkable, isn't it?

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