Best Place To Store A Gun Safe At Home

You have already visited our store in Las Vegas and bought a quality safe which you expect to serve you for years. And as a responsible safe owner, right now you are looking for an answer to the question “Where should a gun safe be placed?” You're doing it right! It is really a serious question which requires careful research. Improper gun safe placement can cause a lot of troubles regarding durability and performance of the storage. In our endeavor to help you find the right solution, we collected the tips which we hope will be handy.

Best Place To Store A Gun Safe At Home

Choosing a spot for a gun safe

An inexperienced safe owner thinks that the best place for a gun safe in the house is where it will fit in. It definitely makes sense as a gun safe requires a lot of space. Aesthetics is another concern of a user. Obviously, a safe shouldn't spoil room design. Some owners also find it important that the safe will not take up useful space in their house. And they are absolutely right.

However, there are many more factors you need to consider while choosing the right place for your gun safe.

Convenience & Easy Access

The most critical ones are convenience and easy access. Convenient placement means the storage is easy to reach. In wall gun safe is considered to be among the most convenient to use as it is located at eye level. A safe owner shouldn`t lean or do some other physical activities to open it. Quick access gun safe is not cluttered and enables immediate opening. If you overlook the factors while thinking of the best location for your safe, you will regret it later.


There is a point of view that keeping gun safe upstairs allows an owner quick access. It is quite reasonable, as people feel much more secure if their firearms are close to the place where they sleep. Besides, if a safe is kept upstairs, it will be much harder for burglars to take it away. However, before anchoring a gun safe on the second floor, a responsible safe owner needs to consider the weight and dimension of the storage. If the safe is too heavy and big, it shouldn't be placed in the middle of the room. The center is less prone to be able to support heavy stuff. If you don't want your heavy safe to damage or even break the floor in your house, put the safe in the corner or near the wall.

Hidden Gun Safes

Actually another big advantage of having a gun safe upstairs is that it becomes hidden from kids, visitors or strangers with intentions to rob you. Hidden gun safe provides more security even if it doesn't have the highest burglary rating. Safe owners usually conceal their storages for firearms in closets, furniture or floor. A hidden floor gun safe has additional benefits. It will save useful space in your room. The storage is usually encased in concrete, which makes it difficult to remove and enables additional protection from fire.

Consider To Potential Damage of a Gun Safe

By the way, potential damage should be considered when you are thinking about where to store a gun safe. There are several possible threats which can lead to damage of firearms or deterioration of ammunition.

Avoiding Fire Damage

Let's analyze how to avoid fire hazards first. It seems clear that placed near the fireplace in a living room, a gun safe will be exposed to heat. Kitchen as well as rooms located above or below it, are also bad places for keeping a gun safe. Garage is a common place to store a safe, however it is not the best choice for storing firearms too, as people keep flammables like chemicals or fuels in it.

Avoiding Humidity Damage

Humidity is another enemy of firearms. Thus, when deciding on the place for your gun safe, exclude the bathroom. This is the place which generally has the highest level of moisture in a house. Although the basement is highly recommended for a gun safe installation, too much humid location won't do for the purpose either. Unless you like in a dry place like Las Vegas, where humidity is not a concern.

Avoiding Burglary

And lastly, the main factor you need to take into account looking for the best place for your storage is how burglar proof a gun safe will be in the given spot. As we mentioned above, a safe should be hidden from burglars. But it is also important to install the storage properly. In order to lessen the chances of burglars to steal the safe, you should have it anchored to concrete.


We hope that our tips will help you find the best place for your gun safe. And your new storage will stand you in good stead without being exposed to any dangers. In case you have read the article beсause you are just preparing to buy a gun safe, visit our online store or go to our shop in Las Vegas to choose the best storage from US manufacturers there. Our team will help you with delivery and installation. You may also ask their professional opinion about where to place your safe.

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