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Pistol Boxes

Minimal Price: $115.00 Maximum Price: $439.00

More About Pistol Boxes For Sale

Pistol box is designed to provide the owner not only with a reliable place for keeping their firearm but also with quick access to a pistol when it is needed. One of the most important characteristics of such safe box is its portability. Pistol safe box is compact and light which enables easy transportation.

The Safe Keeper offers an abundant choice of different, including controlled access boxes, quick access safes with biometric and electronic lock to satisfy all the demands of the customers. Our biometric pistol safes are made using cutting-edge technologies. Being equipped with both a programmable four button keypad and fingerprint lock, they are very convenient to use.

All our safes for sale are of top-notch quality and produced by well known brands. Buy quick access pistol safe from our website and we will ship or deliver it immediately.

Questions & Answers

What is a pistol box?
A pistol box is a lightweight and compact safe for keeping handguns and other valuables. The main benefits of a pistol box are portability and quick access to the content.

Are biometric pistol safes reliable?
Yes, they are. A biometric pistol safe is equipped with a sophisticated locking system. Biometric lock is one of the most reliable, as it enables opening the safe only by the fingerprints of the safe owner.

Quick access pistol boxes of what brands are available at your store?
At our store you can find quick access pistol boxes exceptionally from reliable American brands. Fort Knox, Browning and V-line pistol boxes are widely represented on our website.