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Hollon PBE-2 Pistol Safe


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Features (All features):
  • Use for: Handguns
  • Weight: 27 lb
  • Height: 5.0"
  • Width: 15.75"
  • Depth: 13.75"


Compact and light, Hollon PBE-2 Pistol Safe, can be easily portable anywhere and hidden everywhere. The designers didn't add any unimportant features in order to offer it for sale at an affordable price. The safe has push button access which is really convenient and fast.

Hollon PBE-2 Pistol Safe Specifications

Outside Dimensions: 5″ (H) x 15 3/4″ (W) x 13 3/4″ (D) Takes 4 AA batteries
Inside Dimensions: 4″ (H) x 13 3/4″ (W) x 13 1/4″ (D) Push button access
Fire Rating: No fireproofing Retains your combination even when the batteries are changed
Weight: 27 lbs. Provides safe storage and easily controlled access to valuables
Warranty: Limited Lifetime. Comes standard with foam lined interior to help keep your valuables or firearms free from scratches

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