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More About Wide Gun Safes

Wide gun safe is like a big closet able to accommodate all firearms, armour and other belongings. However, it also protects the stuff from moisture, fire and burglars. Investing in a wide body gun safe once, the owner wins several times. Firstly, paying once, they receive a storage for years: even if they get more and more treasure, they will still have a secure place to put the things. And secondly, it is pretty convenient to have all valuables easily accessible in one place. Only a wide gun safe can enable the privilege. Buying such a storage, choose the one which is a little bigger than you need now. The Safe Keeper sells even extra wide gun safes which could offer up to 61 inches of width.

Questions & Answers

What counts as wide gun safe?
The main distinguishing feature of all wide gun safes is their large capacity. Any storage which has a width of from 51 inches and wider could be considered to be a wide gun safe.

What are the advantages of wide gun safes?
Wide body gun safes offer a lot of useful space to accomodate a lot of weapons and valuables. They also offer convenient design which allows to keep stuff in order. Consequently, such storages enable quick access to the things.

What to keep in a wide gun safe?
As experience shows, a wide gun safe is never too much. The owner of such storage can keep there not only all firearms, ammunition, and weapons, but also documents and other precious belongings.

Wide gun safes of what brands do you offer?
The Safe Keeper recommends buying wide gun safes from proven American manufacturers. Among such brands we would mention Fort Knox, Browning, Champion, Superior, Summit and Dakota.

How much does a wide gun safe cost?
In order to build a good wide gun safe for sale, a manufacturer needs plenty of strong steel which is not cheap. Thus, the price for high-quality wide storage cannot be low. Wide gun safes at our store cost from $3,500 up to $23,000..