Gun Safe Sizes - Picking The Right One

Wide сhoice of gun safe sizes can mislead and сonfuse.Therefore, when you start preparing to buy a safe, one of the first questions that may arise is “What size gun safe do I need?” Obviously, the first answer that comes to mind is “The larger the better”. However, we do understand that a huge safe is not cheap, takes a lot of space, and requires more resources to deliver, install and maintain it. Thus, picking the right size gun safe is not on the spot solution.

gun safe sizes picking the right one

In order to make the right choice, a potential buyer should decide what exact gun safe capacity they require. For that, you need to count guns and estimate the number of valuables that will be kept in your future storage. We also recommend adding a buffer space and opting for a safe that is a bit larger than your estimation. Exterior dimensions are also worth considering. Otherwise, you will face a problem with fitting your safe in the place you have intended for it.

If you want to know what safes are available for sale and what exact unit can be considered small, medium or large, proceed with reading our findings on the matter.

Large gun safes

Let`s get started with big gun safes. They are mostly bought by people who have a rich collection of firearms and ammo. If you belong to this group, check out the best models of full size gun safes at our large gun safes category page.

Large vaults have a number of benefits over smaller options. A large gun capacity safe is able to accommodate up to 70 long rifles and plenty of other precious belongings. A roomy storage allows the owner to organize things better and have quick access to them. Besides, if guns are kept in distance from one another, they will less likely scratch or get gouged and dinged by their neighbors.

However, large gun safes take up a lot of space. You need at least 10-15 ft² for it. In addition, they are quite heavy and require special equipment to be delivered. Moreover, big units are not cheap as they are built from lots of steel.

Medium size gun safes

If weighing up pros and cons of a large safe, you decided to choose a smaller one, then have a look at our best medium size gun safe models. Champion Victory 40 Gun Safe is designed for storing up to 52 long rifles or loads of shotguns and treasured belongings. It is a good example of an average medium unit, featuring height: 60.0"; width: 40.0"; depth: 28.5." A buyer may choose either standard or executive interior depending on their requirements. The vault is also equipped with a deluxe door organizer for more capacity and convenience.

Champion Victory 40 Gun Safe

Champion Victory 40 Gun Safe

A bit smaller and cheaper model is Safe Guard GR-30 Gun Safe. This safe takes 6 ft² of space but has enough room for keeping up to 25 long guns. The model comes for sale in gun and executive configuration options. For more convenience Safe Guard GR-30 is loaded with a custom door organizer.

Safe Guard GR-30 Gun Safe

Safe Guard GR-30 Gun Safe

Small size gun safes

In case you are an owner of one or several rifles, then you probably need to choose a storage among small gun safes. We have an abundant choice of them at our store, and you may find the best one for you at small gun safes collection page. Standard small gun safe size typically measures - height: 60.0"; width: 22.0"; depth: 22.5". Such storage is enough to accommodate up to 15 long rifles and a bulk of small precious stuff.

Wide gun safes

Actually, speaking of long gun safe sizes, we may see that they mostly vary in width rather than in height or depth. Safes that feature from 40" up to 70" width are considered wide gun safes. Discover a decent selection of such units in the wide gun safes category page

Browning Select 49 Gun Safe

Browning Select 49 Gun Safe

The main advantage of them is a more capacious interior that allows a user not only to keep more guns but have quicker access and more convenience.

Narrow gun safes

In comparison to wide, narrow gun safes help save useful space in the room. They have only 11 " to 40 " width. Yet narrow storage enables much less capacity. Such one can store up to 30 long guns whereas a wide one can accommodate from 40 to 110 rifles. Browse through our selection of narrow safes.


In a nutshell, if you carefully approach choosing a right safe, a wide variety of choices will not mislead but help you find a gun safe by size you need. However, consider this piece of advice. Try to avoid the mistake a lot of future owners make when they start to choose from small gun safe sizes and then settle for an even smaller safe than they really need. What size gun safe should you get started with then? We recommend beginning from large gun safes and following the order suggested in the article. And also don`t forget to add a little buffer space for your future purchases.

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