Superior Untouchable Series Gun Safes

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More about Superior Untouchable Series Gun Safes

Superior Untouchable Series Gun Safes are the most robust and secure safes of the brand. They are hand-built by the best craftsmen with the reliable American accurateness. The Series comes for sale with four layers of fire insulation,10-gauge full inner steel door and a sophisticated locking system. Superior Untouchable Series gun safes prices range from $7,875 to $10,550 for the base configuration. The price includes life time warranty.

  • Fire Protection:1865°F - 110 min
  • Body Steel Thickness:1/4"
  • Body Walls:2"-Thick Composite Walls
  • Fire Insulation:4 Layers, 3 Fire Seals
  • Door Features:Double-Steel Door Casement™, 4 Layers of Fire Insulation
  • Door Thickness:5-3/4" -Thick Triple-Step™ Door
  • Locking Bolts:Up to 24 - 1-1/2" Hell-Bender™ Radial Gear-Driven Boltworks
  • Locking Bolts Side Coverage:4-way Active Boltworks
  • Features:Door-Detent™ System, Roughneck™ Bolt Guides
  • Lock Protection:Superior’s Auto-Relock™ System, Sargent & Greenleaf® Group II Dial Lock, Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™, Glass-Guard™ Relock System with Remote Relockers
  • Ratings:UL® Residential Security Rating
  • Gun Count:Up to 64

Untouchable Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Superior Untouchable Safe is a mix of a credible quality and amazing innovative design. Superior Untouchable Series Safes come in a range of dimensions and volumes as well as abundant color and trim options. Consequently, the vaults will be a nice match and add stylish peculiarity to the interior of any room. Superior Untouchable Safe prices are cost-effective; you buy the best security and fire resistance, an enormous capacity and a solid heavy body. Choose the Superior Untouchable Gun Safe for sale which will meet all your requirements and own a stylish reliable thing for years.

(Cubic Feet)
Weight (lbs)
Outer Shell
Door Steel
Inner Door
Steel Thickness
UT-65 52.5" x 73" x 30.5" 63 2250 1/4" 5/8" 10 ga. 24 - 1.5" 64/58**
UT-55 45.5" x 73" x 30.5" 55 2050 1/4" 5/8" 10 ga. 24 - 1.5" 58/49**
UT-45 40" x 67" x 30" 45 1725 1/4" 5/8" 10 ga. 20 - 1.5" 49
UT-35 35" x 67" x 28" 35 1450 1/4" 5/8" 10 ga. 18 - 1.5" 36
* Depth includes 2.5" for handle ** With Bank Box™ Storage Drawers