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Safe Guard Gun Safes

We are pleased to introduce you to our rich collection of Safe Guard safes! Living in choppy times all of us are willing to feel more secure and have our precious belongings protected from burglary. Safe Guard safes for sale are made to serve the purpose. Moreover, we offer a sufficient number of Safe Guard gun safes loaded with either standard or deluxe set of features.

Safe Guard safe prices are approximately in the same range. And taking into account the prime quality and very high level of fire insulation of the vaults, we can state, the prices are absolutely fair. Safe Guard gun safes prices range from $1,250 to $2,495 for the base configuration. Fast delivery and installation are additional perks for you from our company. Buy Safe Guard gun safes and check out all the advantages of the brand!

Safe Guard Gun Safes List

More About Safe Guard Safes

Safe Guard Gun Safes Ensure Сertified Fire Protection

Сertified Fire Protection

Safe Guard safes provide ASME certified fire protection. The high level of insulation is achieved with the help of multiple layers of 5/8" Fire Code Type X. The feature means that the temperature inside such a storage always remains not higher than 350°F which causes no damage for the content.

All Safe Guard Safes Provide The Highest Level Of Security

The Highest Level Of Security

All Safe Guard models are known for tiptop security level. It is possible due to active door bolts on all four sides of the door and the detent system which makes the bolts stable when the door is opened. The safes can brag UL® Residential Security rating which means robust protection from pry-ins.

Every Safe Guard Safe is a Product Of The Highest Quality

Excellent Quality

There is no doubt that Safe Guard's Standard and Deluxe models offer excellent quality in terms of security level, endurance value and fire protection. The safes feature external hinges which allow 180° door opening and a clutching system to evade excessive pressure which can damage internal mechanisms.

Each Safe Guard Gun Safe Comes With User-Friendly Interior

Interior Options

Safe Guard comes with a very user-friendly interior. It is equipped with gun racks and long gun options. The dual steel reinforcements on some models increases top shelf loading capability of the storage. The safes are designed with door organizers which include useful holders and fabric pockets.

Safe Guard Offers Lifetime Warranty On All Safes

Lifetime Warranty

Safe Guard guarantees that all their safes have no defects in material hence offers lifetime warranty to the original buyer. Safe Guard will repair or change the safe damaged in fire or pry-in attack. The locksmith decides whether the safe can be fixed and the producer pays for the work and shipping.

The Bodies Of The Safe Guard Safes Are Made From American Steel

American-Made Steel

Being built with top-tier steel components the safes feature unprecedented American quality. The body of the safes are made from 12-gauge steel plate and the doors from 10-gauge steel with a multi-layer edge reinforcement. Safe Guard equipes the door with a double steel door casement for more strength.