Safe Guard GR Series Gun Safes

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More about Safe Guard GR Series Gun Safes

Strongest Safe In Its Class

Safe Guard GR Series Gun Safes incorporate an unprecedented US quality, a high level protection against burglary and fire, and convenient interior design. The safes are equipped with double-steel door casement,™ and up to 3 layers of fire insulation for more robustness, and a custom door organizer to keep a lot of small things in it.

  • Fire Protection:60 mins, 1200°F
  • Outer Shell Thickness:12 ga
  • Inner Door Steel Thickness:14 ga
  • Door Bolts:Up to 12, 1"-Diameter
  • Gun Count:Up to 29
  • Door Steel Thickness:12 ga

GR Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Each Safe Guard GR gun safe can brag the best American quality at an affordable price. Buying Safe Guard GR Series gun safe, the owner receives reliable storage for guns and precious belongings. The series comes for sale with a significant fire rating and level of security, which only a few safes of the same price range can offer. Besides, they have a convenient interior, being equipped with a custom door organizer, and pretty stylish exterior design. Lifetime warranty is also among the pluses.

(Cubic Feet)
Weight (lbs)
Outer Shell
Door Steel
Inner Door
Steel Thickness
Door Edge
GR-40 40" x 60" x 28.5" 37 CF 675 12ga. 12ga. 14ga. 7/16" 10 - 1" 29
GR-30 34" x 60" x 24.5" 26 CF 575 12ga. 12ga. 14ga. 7/16" 10 - 1" 25
GR-20 28" x 60" x 22.5" 20 CF 450 12ga. 12ga. 14ga. 7/16" 8 - 1" 13
GR-15 22" x 60" x 22.5" 15 CF 100 12ga. 12ga. 14ga. 7/16" 8 - 1" 13
* Depth includes 2.5" for handle