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More about Dakota Series Home Safes

Dakota Series Safes is a trustworthy option for storing your belongings. They have anti-pry tabs that make them resistant to burglary attempts. DS Series home safe withstand fire for 2 hours at 1250 degrees and keep your items secure. The safes of the DS Series have many valuable features that make the interior comfortable.

  • Fire Protection:2 hours, 1250°F
  • Outer Shell Thickness:3/16" (7 Gauge)
  • Door Bolts:10-4 Sided 1.25” Bolts 3 Sides Active
  • Finish:Silver Vein Marble
  • Light:LED Motion Activated Lights
  • Capacity:All Shelves
  • Interior:Gray Interior
  • Features:Power Plug w/2 USB Ports, Finial Pull Handle
  • Included:Door Organizer

Dakota Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

The motto for Dakota series safe is ”The overall look of the safe is designed to be as good as the inner working and security of the safe”. Additionally, the manufacturer has managed to offer a luxurious appearance at a reasonable cost. Dakota Series gun safes available for purchase are equipped with palusol heat seal and cold smoke seal to safeguard valuable contents from fire and smoke. Another compelling reason to choose a Dakota series gun safe is their utilization of anti-pry tabs, a feature that is uncommon among other brands, effectively thwarting any attempts at prying.

Weight (lbs)
DS10 36" x 24" x 20" 510 10 - 1.25"