How To Hide A Gun Safe In Plain Sight

A gun safe is not a piece of furniture or a decorative element designed to enhance a room interior. On the contrary, it should be hidden or disguised as something else. Otherwise it will attract unnecessary attention from kids, visitors and burglars. It is not a problem to hide a safe if you have a special hidden spot for it but it could be one if you have no idea of how to hide a gun safe in plain sight.

How To Hide A Gun Safe In Plain Sight

Reasons to hide a gun safe

You may wonder why you should hide your gun safe? First and foremost, your kids should not know where you store your firearms. As you know, curiosity killed the cat. But as another saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. Not knowing about the existence of your gun safe, your kids will obviously not try to get in it.

Besides, if you hide a gun safe out of plain sight, you will increase the security of your firearms.

It is clear enough that any burglar who breaks into someone's home and sees a safe will try to open it. Some criminals have quite sophisticated tools and can succeed in getting inside. Even if they fail, they can cause unpleasant damage to it.

Ways to hide a gun safe in plain sight

Since you have already understood that a hidden gun safe is much more secure, let`s come back to the question about how to hide a gun safe in plain sight. There are several rules of thumb that can help you to do it.


First thing we recommend you consider is that not frequently visited by family members and guests places are really the best. Garage is one of them. However, you need to open and close your garage while driving in and out, which means that some curious neighbors or strangers can see what is inside it. There is really a smart solution for how to hide a gun safe in your garage and protect it from being spotted by strangers with malicious intentions.

You need to cover it with a safe cloak, which is a piece of fabric that drapes over the front of the safe, making it look like a cabinet. Then looking from the street, no one can recognize a safe hidden under a safe cover.


Closet is also a good place for keeping a gun safe. Especially the one that is linked to your bedroom and locked. But even if it is not so, we know how to hide your gun safe in a closet.

You may disguise it as a piece of furniture, hide it behind a curtain or a hanging closet organizer, cover it with a blanket, build a cabinet around it, etc.


Pantry is really one of the most unexpected hence secure places for storing a gun safe. On one hand, it is not attractive for burglars, on the other hand, you can easily hide your safe on the shelf behind kitchen stuff. You can also use some of the methods mentioned above that describe how to hide your gun safe in a closet.

Wall storage

Another alternative is to buy a wall gun safe. It has a special design and is installed in between the wall studs. Such storage is absolutely invisible for a burglar. All you need to do is pick a wall to hide your gun safe in. Although it requires some time , money and effort to do it (as you need to make holes in walls and mount the box) it will definitely pay off. You can invest your resources once, and have a peace of mind forever.

A downside of a wall is that is designed to be hidden. If a burglar does find your wall safe, it won't take much to get into it, as it is nor really made to withstand a pry or drill attack for long periods of time. Lastly, wall safes are typically not fireproof and are very limited in space on the inside.

Concealed furniture

You may also think about how to hide a gun safe in your house furniture. Gun safes of a small size can be easily placed in the bedside table, under the bed, tables with hidden compartments, storage bench, or even a dresser. Tall gun safes can be installed in a wardrobe behind a hanging closet organizer.


Even if you have a huge gun safe, no worries. We know how to hide a large gun safe in plain sight. You can decorate it according to the season of the year. How about hanging a Christmas or Halloween poster on it or putting a room plant in front? If these are not the ideas for you, then you can just hide your gun safe behind Christmas, Halloween or Easter stuff you keep at home under the stairs, in a closet or a garage.


To sum up, even though it might not be expensive or time consuming to hide your safe in plain sight, it is easier said than done. You need to invest time and involve your creativity to find the best solution that works for you. However, we do hope that our tips will be handy.

Written by

Kirillo Byelin
General Manager at The Safe Keeper Las Vegas
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Kirillo Byelin