Which Content You Can Store In Your Safe?

How to Choose the Right Gun Safe for Your Needs

In today's video, I'd like to cover what is, how do you determine what is the right safe for your needs? Everybody's safe needs are different and many, you've got many safes to choose from. You've got safes that are very expensive and you've got safes that are a lot less money. The problem is that they all look the same, and so people wonder what is the right safe for their needs? And you kind of have to balance the safe that you're purchasing versus what you're putting in it. It wouldn't make sense to put a thousand dollars worth of valuables in a safe that costs $3,000. It also doesn't make sense to put a hundred thousand dollars worth of stuff in a safe that costs maybe 7 99 or even a thousand dollars. They're not appropriate. So today we wanna help you be able to determine what is the appropriate safe for your needs. And we've made it simple for you. In the link below, we've established a theft resistance calculator that will help you determine what should what, what safe you should buy. But you need to think of several things. What am I putting in the safe? There's four important categories of what most people put in. A safe one is important or hard to replace. Documents, items with significant monetary value, possessions requiring owner responsibility and items with great send mail value. Those are the type of things that people put in a safe. And hopefully by using this calculator, you'll be able to determine what is the right safe for you. Now, I wanna make it clear, any safe can be broken into including a bank vault with the right tools and enough time. But as you go up in quality you're buying more and more time and you're eliminating more and more tools.

What to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

So the right safe may be a heavier safe than what you originally think. This calculator below will help you determine that we've taken this breakin resistance formula, that that is here and made it very simple. By filling in a few blanks this calculator will come up with what we would recommend as the very maximum of what you should put in the safe. You may want to get a safe that's rated for even higher because things like sentimental value items are maybe not worth a lot of money to somebody else, but they're worth a lot of money to you. For example, in my own safe, probably the least expensive gun that I've got in there is a Winchester Model 24. It's not worth very much money, but it was owned by my father and my grandfather. And I asked myself, what would I be willing to pay if that was stolen to get it back? Maybe that's the value that you should put on that item.

How to Use the Theft Resistance Calculator

I'm gonna show you how this Safe content calculator works. It's very simple. You just fill in a few blanks. First of all, you fillin the weight of the safe. And so I'm gonna use an example where the safe is 1,285 pounds. Whoop. And then we need to know what the shell's still thickness is. And in this particular example, it's three sixteens. We're going to, we then need to know what the outer door still thickness is. Most gun safes are built with two layers of steel in the door. And so you need to know what the outer still thickness and the inner still thickness is. And you answer both of those questions on this safe, it's gonna be a three eights outer piece of steel, and the inner door is gonna be 12 gauge.

So we put that on this one. The bolt works go all the way around and they're active. So we're gonna push this here. And then on the door casement, some gun safes have a reinforcement on their door frame or the door casement, and some are non reinforced. This particular one has a reinforced door casement. So the absolute maximum that we would suggest putting in a safe that's built like this would be 160,625. Now let's try a little lighter gauge safe and see what we come up with. So on this particular safe, the weight is gonna be quite a bit less. We're 490 pounds. The shell thickness is 12 gauge. The outer door still thickness is going to be 12 gauge. The inner door still thickness is gonna be 14 gauge. The bolt works is gonna stay at fourway active. So we'd select that again, fourway active and then reinforced door casement. And the contents value should not exceed 17,150. So that's just an example of how you can use this. You can use it to compare between different brands or different models within the same brand. I hope this calculator helps and helps you make a wiser decision on your safe purchases. Thank you for watching.

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