Moving a 3,600 LBS Cannonball Safe

Moving a Cannonball Safe

The other day we had an opportunity to partake in moving a truly unique safe. This beautiful Cannonball safe was built in early 1870’s. Back in the day of Jesse James this safe was considered “Absolutely Robbery Proof” due to the rounded corners and 3,600 pound weight which kept it from being stolen. Back in the day, it was common practice to kidnap the Banker during the night, take him to the Bank, and have him open the safe. But not with this safe, due to state-of-the-art time locks that made this nigh time practice no longer possible because the safe could only be opened during daylight hours.

Even though it was an interesting and awesome experience, we were the only company in Las Vegas that would even consider such complicated and dangerous job. 3,600 Lbs of weight on wheels, going inside of the house can turn into a nightmare real quick. But because of our many years of experience, we’ve dealt with various unusual, complicated and weird jobs. So we were able to complete this job quick, clean and without damaging our customers property.

Cannonball Safe Front
Cannonball Safe
Old Cannonball Safe Front
Moving Cannonball Safe
Moving Old Cannonball Safe

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Kirillo Byelin
General Manager at The Safe Keeper Las Vegas
Security Safe Expert
Kirillo Byelin