It Is Not Easy to Break Into A Gun Safe

Have you ever wondered what breaking into a gun safe looks like? Hopefully, you have thought about it not due to your malicious intention but in order to prevent your safe from being broken into. Frankly speaking, all safes are designed with a number of features that make it pry resistant. But definitely there are gun safes that are built with compliance to all security standards as well as those that don't meet security requirements. We have done research on all gun safe security vulnerabilities so that you know what you should pay attention to while choosing a gun safe that won't be easy to break into. Read below to find out.

It Is Not Easy to Break Into A Gun Safe

How hard is it to break into a gun safe?

Breaking into any safe is never easy. It is a time consuming task that requires at least some sort of tools as well as time. At the end of the day, any safe can be broken into. Even the most secure vault can be opened by a professional safecracker with the right tools and experience. With that being said, safes are designed to buy you time. And high quality safes with multiple advanced security features will buy you a lot more time than a cheap safe with basic security features. The most commonly used way to break into a safe is prying, drilling and cutting. That's why the steel thickness and door construction is so important when it comes to pry and drill resistance. Trying different combinations is another common way to gain access to the contents of a safe. However, a good quality mechanical dial lock has over one million possible combinations and a quality electronic lock will send you into a lockout after 3-5 wrong attempts. And lastly, stealing the whole safe seems to be the option many intruders will attempt if the unit is light enough to move around. But bolting down your safe will eliminate that threat in most cases.

How secure is your safe

As you can see there are many methods to break into a gun safe but all of them are possible to prevent.

If you want to buy a gun safe that will be hard to break into by all known methods, you should avoid safes made of thin metal, weak locking bolts, and low quality locks.

Rather opt in for gun safes that feature thick steel body and door, relocking mechanisms, hardened steel plate behind the lock and small door gap. If your safe is equipped with all security features mentioned above, it will be a lot harder to break into.

Hardest gun safe to break into

Let us consider several examples of gun safes that are almost impossible to pry.

Fort Knox Legend 7261 is made of 10-Gauge Stainless Steel and has 1/4" Thick Steel, Uni-Body Construction. It is equipped with 3/8" Steel Plate, 28 All-Active 1.5" Solid Steel Locking Bolts, Drill Stop Hard Plate, Quadrafold Door Frame with Recessed Door and Glass Door Panel. Moreover, it has a very robust UL Listed Group I S&G Electronic Lock and a Drill Deflector Bolt Guard for ultimate protection from break-ins.

Another gun safe that is almost impossible to penetrate in is Browning Pinnacle 65T. The model is built from 7 Gauge steel, has a 1 5/16" Duo-Formed, 16 all active bolts, 1/4″ Inner Plate on Door and massive corner bolts.

Tips on How To Prevent Burglars From Breaking Into A Gun Safe

Reviewing the above, we may say that responsible gun safe manufacturers equip their products with plenty of security features needed to protect them from burglar attacks.

However, there are simple things we recommend you keep in mind while choosing and installing your gun safe.

When picking a safe for your weapons, try to get one that is made out of thick steel, good quality UL rated lock and with a strong hard plate between the safe lock and door.

It is also important to install a gun safe properly, so that it doesn't attract the attention of prying eyes. A safe that is tucked away in a closet will attracted a lot less attention than a safe that sits in a garage and is seen by the whole neighborhood every time the garage door is opened.

Mounting a safe will also add security. If it is mounted to a floor in such a way that the vulnerable sides of the safe are not exposed, it will reduce the chances of burglars successfully breaking into it.


When customers ask us how easy is it to break into a gun safe we always tell them that even an entry level safe will put up a good fight. At the end of the day, safes are designed to buy you time. And the more steel and security features your safe has, the more time it will withstand an attack. But if you are still hesitant about what safe to buy in order to prevent any possible break-ins, visit The Safe Keeper safe store in Las Vegas or contact us online. Our professional staff will help you make the right choice.

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