How To Keep Moisture Out Of Gun Safe?

What are the main issues that you can encounter after buying a gun? It could be misused by your kids, stolen by thieves, damaged by fire, or spoiled by corrosion if kept in a damp environment. A quality gun safe is a good solution to protect firearms from fire, burglars and misuse, but unfortunately it doesn't help prevent moisture damage. It means that the responsibility for controlling the level of humidity in your storage relies on you as a safe owner. If you don't know how to keep a gun safe dry, take a glance at our suggestions on what to do.

how to keep moisture out of gun safe

Causes For Moisture In Gun Safes

In order to figure out how to keep your gun safe moisture free, let`s see what causes damp in gun safes. A storage kept in a place like a garage, shed, basement, or attic, where the temperature is not controlled and changes drastically between day and night, is exposed to condensation and thus excess moisture. Besides, the air in a gun safe as in any small closed area stays locked which also leads to condensation and extra damp. The consequences will inevitably wreak havoc on your gun if you don't take gun safe moisture protection precautions.

Acceptable Gun Safe Humidity Level

To start with, check the humidity level and temperature in your gun safe. According to the National Rifle Association, acceptable gun safe humidity level should be between 30%-50% at 60-70 degrees temperature. If the indicators in your gun safe are not so ideal, you need to apply gun safe moisture control methods. There are many useful tools which can help you keep your gun safe dry. Electric and non-electric dehumidifiers are the most popular ones.

Electric Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Electric gun safe dehumidifiers include electric heating element. It helps keep a stable temperature inside the safe and maintain the circulation of air. This way it prevents condensation and hense minimizes moisture. The best gun safe dehumidifiers are a golden rod and a peet dryer. They are both safe, simple to use and have more than 5 years of warranty. Whereas a golden rod can be used for a small gun safe, a peet dryer is a good choice for a large one.

Non-Electric Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Non-electric dehumidifiers are moisture absorbers or desiccants which work without using electricity. They include a chemical like a silica gel which absorbs humidity in a gun safe in a natural way. Non-electric dehumidifiers are cheaper, easier to use and require no special installation if compared to electric ones. However, some of them lose absorbency over time and should be replaced occasionally. Yet there are rechargeable dehumidifiers which can serve for more than 10 years. They have an indicator that shows when the unit requires recharging and needs to be plugged in or put into the oven for the purpose.

Other Methods of Keeping Gun Safe Dry

Both electric and non-electric dehumidifiers have their own drawbacks and benefits, but they provide impeccable moisture control in a gun safe. Still if you are on a tight budget, you can use less effective but cheaper methods. A light bulb is an alternative to electric dehumidifiers. Put it in your gun safe and plug in. The heat from a light bulb will dry the air in the storage. Baking soda and dry rice work as natural moisture absorbents. Putting the safe in an air-conditioned environment and opening it periodically to let fresh air in will also help you minimize humidity level in the storage.

Use the mentioned above methods to keep a gun safe dry and your valuable weapons will serve you for years.

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