Gun Safe Organization Ideas & Useful Tips

Buying even the best gun safe, a novice owner should customize it to their specific needs, otherwise it won't be convenient to use. Fortunately, there are a number of tips on how to organize your gun safe. By investing a little into safe accessories and customization, you may get more capacious and convenient storage. And more importantly your firearms will not get scratched, gouged and dinged by each other and thus, will serve you longer.

gun safe organization ideas and useful tips

If you are looking for gun safe organization ideas, then we are here to help you.

How to organize a gun safe

To begin with we need to admit that leading safe manufacturers know how to best organize gun safe and offer flexible interior designs that allow several various configurations. By means of flexible interior and appropriate safe accessories, a safe owner may adjust their storage for keeping either long rifles or shotguns or both of them. There are EZ-Access ( long gun storage with shelves), Collector (maximum long gun and pistol storage), Sportsman (mostly short gun storage with safe shelves) and Executive (short gun storage and shelves) available configurations. But what should one do if they have bought the storage with the interior that does not offer versatility? You can do DIY gun safe organization yourself.

Storage space

First and foremost, you need to think of how to use your gun safe capacity to its full potential or even maximize storage space. There are several accessories that can make it feasible. The most popular of them are door organizers. They are fixed on the back of a safe door and help increase storage space. A door panel consists of pockets and pouches that enable convenient organization and quick access to handguns and other small valuables. Whereas door organizers can be mostly used in large and long units, handgun hangers, magnetic mounts and pistol racks are good for small gun safe organization. They are intended for arranging and storing pistols.

Gun Safe Shelves

Shelves are the main attribute for either large or small gun safe organization. Adjustable shelves help make a flexible interior that can be customized to specific needs of a user. Safe manufacturers offer shelves with either vertical or horizontal adjustment. The former allows increasing the width of the shelf, the latter the height of it. Some safes come with Axis shelves that can be adjusted up and down, side to side in order to accommodate items of various dimensions.

gun safe shelves

How to organize long guns in a gun safe

Gun racks and rifle rods are essential for organizing long guns in a safe. Racks are a good solution for stacking guns so that a user can have fast access to them. Besides, rifles organized in racks will not get damaged by each other. However, racks are quite heavy, take a lot of useful space and require mounting. Rifle rods is a cheaper alternative to racks. They don`t take up useful space and allow a user not to fix but stabilize rifles, which means stacking more various size firearms.

Gun safe organization tips

Before you start customizing your storage have a look at our set of useful tips for you to consider:

  • You can maximize the storage but everything has limits.
  • Try to store shotguns and rifles in a safe vertically.
  • Use magazine pouches and holders for keeping ammunition.
  • Remove oil or grease or dirt from your firearms before placing them in the safe.
  • Buy dehumidifiers for keeping the appropriate 30 and 50% humidity level.


Although every safe owner has their own preferences and needs and thus, each gun storage is arranged differently, we hope our gun safe organization ideas will stand you in good stead. We are absolutely sure that your gun safe will be convenient to use and allow you quick access to your firearms. All you need to do is to invest a little time, money and effort in customizing your gun safe and it will definitely pay off.

Written by

Kirillo Byelin
General Manager at The Safe Keeper Las Vegas
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Kirillo Byelin