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Safe Anchoring Service

It is always a good idea to bolt down your gun safe no matter what it weighs. Even though it's very rare for a thief to steal a whole safe, tipping a safe over is a common practice. We use ⅜” Red Head Concrete Wedge Anchors for anchoring a safe to concrete floor. These awesome anchors will add 500 pounds of pressure per bolt. Our Hilti drills will make clean holes in any type of flooring and won’t crack your tile. Our professional safe installers will do a bolting of your safe to a wood or a concrete floor quickly, conveniently and without making a mess.

The Cost of Safe Anchoring Service

Our Safe Anchoring & Bolting Service is a $135 flat charge for up to 4 bolts. As mentioned above, extra charges will incur if the safe needs to be moved or leveled. If the safe is purchased from us and the bolt-down service is requested at the time of purchase, the charge is only $40.

How To Order A Safe Anchoring Service

Get Safe Info

Please provide any info you have on your safe such as make, model and size and weight.

Pick A Spot

Make sure your safe is sitting in its final resting spot, any pallets or skids are removed and the safe is level. Any additional service besides bolting down a safe will incur extra charges.

Check for Holes

Please ensure your safe comes with pre-drilled holes from the factory. Drilling any additional holes in a safe will temper with its fire rating, voiding the warranty. For this reason we can not drill your safe.

Get Permission

If you do not own the residence where the safe is located, live in an apartment complex or leasing a business space, a written permission to drill will be required from the property owner.

Request a Quote

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