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Wall Safes

Minimal Price: $199.00 Maximum Price: $334.00

More About Wall Safes For Sale

Discover a wall safe as the best way to hide your treasured possessions at home. Home wall safe can be hidden behind furniture or a picture, allowing no chance for burglars to find it. Another advantage of a wall security safe is its resistance to mold, fire, moisture and dust. All our heavy-duty wall safes will experience no damage even in case of natural disaster. High security wall safes we offer come with live locking bolt, solid steel deadbolts and reliable electronic lock.

There are many home wall safes for sale at our store, they absolutely vary in size, features and prices, but all of them are doubtless high quality wall safes. Buy with confidence our wall safes online and we guarantee fast delivery and installation.

Questions & Answers

Is wall safe secure?
Yes, it is. A wall safe is embedded in a wall stud and usually concealed behind a piece of furniture or a wall painting. This means that it is not easy for a robber to find it. But the level of security depends on what metal the wall safe is made from, what lock it is equipped with, its design, etc.

Are wall safes fireproof?
The majority of wall safes are fireproof. The fire rating suggests how many minutes it can withstand fire. Thus, before buying a wall safe, check its fire rating.

How much does a wall safe cost?
Wall safes come for sale within a wide price range. The price depends on quality, fire rating, security features, etc. At our store you can buy a wall safe for up to $334.00.