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Vault Doors

Minimal Price: $4,799.00 Maximum Price: $8,069.00

More About Vault Doors For Sale

Vault door will turn any simple room into a highly secure place for all your valuables.

The Safe Keeper offers a great variety of vault doors for sale which provide the highest level of protection from theft as well as from fire. Vault doors for homes are also a good way to transform your room into a shelter if natural disaster strikes. In case you are a lucky owner of a firearm collection, gun vault doors are the ultimate way to keep it safe. Being produced by famous brands all our residential vault doors are of the first-class quality and available in different colors, finishes and materials, including steel.

Choose the best vault room door to fit the interior of your home for a reasonable price. Buy a vault door from us and get it fast delivered and installed. Feel comforted and safe with your new security vault door!

Questions & Answers

What is vault door & why is it used?
Security vault door is used to transform an ordinary room into a storage or shelter. Vault doors are installed in order to protect valuables in Gun Rooms and Vault Storages. They also help reinforce the security of Panic Rooms.

How thick is a vault door?
High quality vault doors should be thick and heavy. However, as they are made by different manufacturers, their thickness differs. Some brands offer vault doors which are 3/16" thick, the others 10 GA thick, etc.

What are the types of vault doors?
There are inswing and outswing vault doors. Outswing doors allow you to to maximize indoor space. Inswing ones have the hinges on the inside, which makes it impossible for a burglar to pry them off.