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Electronic Lock Gun Safes

Minimal Price: $1,525.00 Maximum Price: $18,235.00

More About Electronic Lock Gun Safes

Electronic gun safes are equipped with a keypad which helps operate the locking mechanism. A digital gun safe allows the owner to open it within a second without any extra tools. Compared to mechanical locks which require a locksmith to change the combination, electronic ones allow the owner to change the code as many times as needed without extra costs. It also means that digital locks enable many users, in comparison to biometric ones, and they could be useful in a commercial field. Buy one of our safes with electronic lock customization option at best price.

Questions & Answers

What is an electronic lock gun safe?
An electronic lock gun safe comes with a keypad which helps manage the locking mechanism. In order to open or close it, a safe owner needs to enter a code by using a keypad. An electronic lock requires either batteries or electricity to operate.

What are the advantages of electronic locks?
The main advantage of electronic locks is quick, easy access. Besides, an electronic lock allows a huge number of possible lock combinations, therefore it can take years for a burglar to figure out the correct one. Besides, an unauthorized user can be blocked after a few failed tries.

What's the difference between a mechanical lock and an electronic lock?
It takes more time to open a mechanical lock than electronic lock. Besides, electronic lock is easily operated; a safe owner can change a secure combination a lot of times without extra tools, assistance and costs. In case an owner needs to change a code of a mechanical lock, they should hire a locksmith to do it.