Tactical Gun Safes

Minimal Price: $1,961.00 Maximum Price: $5,640.00

More About Tactical Gun Safes

Tactical gun safes are designed to accurately meet all the expectation of their owners. They could be used even for highly demanding military needs. Building a gun safe for tactical weapons, the engineers focused on every detail to make them absolutely secure, fire resistant and convenient to use. Such a storage is easily customized to the needs of the owner. Any of tactical safes offered for sale by The Safe Keeper comes with adjustable interior and is large enough, able to accomodate more than 20 long guns, rifles and other valuables. One of distinguishing features of the vault of such a type is its tactile handle which allows the owner immediate access to the stuff inside it.

Questions & Answers

Are all tactical gun safes fireproof?
All tactical gun safes suggested by The Safe Keeper are fireproof. They generally offer up to 100 minutes of fire rating at 1680° temperature.

What can be stored in a tactical gun safe?
Tactical gun safe are intended to protect tactile weapons from fire and burglars. However, they are also suitable for storing any other valuables.

Tactical gun safes of what brands are available at your store?
At our store you can find several tactical gun safes built by Browning team. Browning is a reliable American brand with a good reputation in safe manufacturing.