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Liberty Blockade Series Vault Doors For Sale

The Liberty Blockade series vault door provides an optimal combination of price, quality, and security level. The model features a palusol heat-activated door seal to prevent smoke and heat from infiltrating the room. Achieving a notable 5th level of security, the door includes a strong steel plate, a lock hardplate, a dual relocker, and 6 heavy-duty locking bars. The Liberty Blockade vault door also boasts a UL-listed electronic lock for top-notch protection against burglars. The modest yet stylish design of the Blockade series features a textured black color with black chrome hardware and a convenient 3-spoke suretight handle. The Liberty Blockade vault door is only available in an in-swing option, with either a right-hand or left-hand swing.

  • Fire Protection: Palusol heat-activated door seal that expands to protect against smoke and heat
  • Steel gauge thickness: Solid door with ¼” steel plate
  • Relocker: Dual relocker locks the door down in the event of attempted brute force entry, Internal lockout mechanism for use as a panic room
  • Locking Bars: 6
  • Locking Bar Thickness: 1/4"
  • Lock Protection: UL listed SecuRam toplit electronic lock
  • Protect The Lock From Attacks: Solid door with ¼” steel plate, Hardplate to protect the lock from drill attacks, Liberty’s exclusive, Ultra-strong locking bars protect against pry attacks
  • Exterior: Available in textured finish, 3-spoke Suretight handle, in-swing, right-hand swing or left-hand swing available

Blockade Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Vault Door Blockade
Door Dimensions 78.5" x 29.5"
Walkthrough Clearance Door opens to 90°‚ giving you a clearance of 29.5"
Threshold Height 1.875"
Requirement for clamshell installation (HxWxD) 82"-85" x 38"-42" x 7"-9"
Requirement for bolt-in installation (HxWxD) 82"-85" x 38"-42" x 5" or greater
Hinge Options Both left-hand swing and right-hand swing available
Weight (lbs) 655

MEASUREMENTS: Measurements and dimensions are + or - 1/8" to all measurements for manufacturing variances.