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More about Ironworks Thunderbolt Series Gun Safes

Discover unparalleled security and durability with the Ironworks Thunderbolt Series Gun Safes. These safes are built with 7 gauge steel, 170 minute fire protection, and a patented Anti-Tamper Clutched handle. Ironworks Thunderbolt Gun Safes also feature a beautiful ironworks design that adds a touch of elegance to any room.

  • Fire Protection:170 min at 1400°F
  • Fire Lining:Full Coverage Fire Lining in Door Frame Unlike Internal Hinge Designs
  • Body:7 Gauge Steel Body
  • Door:5.75" Thick Formed Composite Door with Full Coverage .25" Solid Plate Steel Front, Triple Inset Door
  • Bolts:1.25" Diameter Doorbolts
  • Anti-Pry Doorbolts Guides
  • Lock:UL® Listed Manual Lock with Day-Lock
  • Handle:Patented Anti-Tamper Clutched Handle
  • Hinges:External Hinges Allow 180° Door Opening
  • Long Gun Capacity:Up to 54
  • Other Features: • Deluxe Door Organizer with Handgun Holders & Pockets
  • • Rhino Vector™ Interior with Rifle Rods Kit Included
  • • Factory-Installed LED Lighting
  • • Internal Electrical / USB Outlet
  • • Ball Bearing Drill Plate & Spring-Loaded Relocker
  • • U.L. Certified RSC / CA DOJ Compliant
  • • Antiqued Ironworks Finish
  • • Available Factory-Installed Upgrades
  • • Made in USA with global components

Ironworks Thunderbolt Gun Safes: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Built to withstand the toughest conditions, Ironworks Thunderbolt Gun Safes feature heavy-duty construction and pry-resistant doors, ensuring your firearms are safeguarded at all times. With customizable interiors and advanced locking mechanisms, the Thunderbolt safes offers peace of mind for gun owners seeking top-notch protection. Ironworks Thunderbolt Series gun safes prices range from $7,678 to $8,708 for the base configuration.

Cubic Feet
Weight (lbs)
Doorbolts Long Gun
IWT6033X 60"x33"x27" 30.9 CF 1125 14 36
IWT6042X 60"x42"x27" 39.4 CF 1327 14 54
IWT7242X 72"x42"x27" 47.3 CF 1526 16 54