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Rifle capacity gun safes

Among other factors which a future safe owner keeps in mind while choosing a storage, gun safe capacity is one of the most important. On the one hand bigger safes can accommodate not only firearms but other precious stuff. On the other hand, it takes a lot of space and costs a lot. For example, the best large capacity gun safe can take in more than a hundred guns but costs more than a dozen of thousands dollars. The capacity is identified by a manufacturer as a rule. But not all rifles are similar in shape and size. When choosing a long gun capacity gun safe, it makes sense to opt for a more spacious one than you require.

Questions & Answers

What does gun safe capacity mean?
It means how many guns and what types of firearms can a safe accommodate. For example, a manufacturer identifies the storage as long gun capacity gun safe: 58. It implies that the safe has slots for up to 58 long rifles.

How many guns can fit in a gun safe?
Safe engineers always identify the number of guns that can fit in a gun safe by the number of slots it has. However, even the best large capacity gun safe cannot accommodate the quantity of guns noted by manufacturer as the weapons are different by their size and shapes.

Which rifle capacity gun safes do you offer for sale?
We offer for sale rifle capacity gun safes able to hold from 1 to 100 long guns. We recommend you to buy a little larger storage than you require.