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Fort Knox Protector 4026 Biometric Safe


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  • Fire Rating: 90 Minutes;
  • Use for: Documents, Handguns, Jewelry, Money;
  • Weight: 570 lb;
  • Height: 40.0";
  • Width: 26.0";
  • Depth: 20.0";


Fort Knox Protector 4026 Biometric Safe is a perfect storage for handguns, jewelry and cash. It is able to withstand 90 minutes of fire. The level of security is high due to strong steel it is built from, active bolts and a biometric lock. The storage comes for sale for a very attractive price.

Fort Knox Protector 4026 Biometric Safe Specifications

Use for: Handguns, Jewelry, Money Volume: 10 cu. ft.
Lock Options: Biometric lock Dimensions: 40" H x 26" W x 20" D (23" D w/ Handle)
Weight: 570 lbs Bolts: 11 All-Active 1.5" Solid Steel
Fire Protection: 90 Minute/1680° Security: UL RSC Security Container
Long Gun Capacity: 0

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