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More About Fort Knox Pistol Boxes

Fort Knox Handgun safes are quality products that are built here in the United States. They are the strongest box around and they use a mechanical lock versus an electronic one. No batteries to change, just a simple push of buttons opens these safes. The original Fort Knox Pistol Box is a top opening safe that has a Simplex© mechanical lock. It opens quickly when you use the push buttons and a gas cylinder shock helps you open the safe

Questions & Answers

How thick is the steel of Fort Knox pistol box?
The Fort Knox pistol box is built from really thick steel. It has a 10 gauge body which makes it one of the most robust safes of the kind.

What kind of lock is in Fort Knox pistol boxes?
Almost all Fort Knox pistol boxes for sale are equipped with Simplex® Mechanical Lock. It is a reliable, fast opening locking mechanism.

Where Fort Knox (FTK-PB) pistol box handgun safe can be used?
The Fort Knox pistol box is an ideal solution for mounting under a seat of a car. It can also be used for storing a gun when you travel, instead of a hotel safe. As it is compact, the safe can be hidden in a small compartment of office furniture as well as a closet, or a bedside table at home.

How much does a Fort Knox pistol box weight?
The Fort Knox pistol safe box is quite light. The average weight ranges between 14 to 63 lb.

How much does a Fort Knox pistol box cost?
Fort Knox pistol box is pretty inexpensive. You can buy a good one for the price between $300 - $600.