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Dakota Safes

Dakota gun safe implies the best balance between price and quality. Dakota safes for sale come with only the most significant vault features; the best fire-resistance, high level of pry-resistance and a comfortable door organizer system. Dakota gun safes for sale are represented in many different series, models, sizes and even exterior looks, despite the fact that all of them are designed in the same metal gray color. Dakota safes prices range from $1,299 to $5,799 for the base configuration.

Being the authorized dealer The Safe Keeper offers an extensive range of Dakota gun safes for the most affordable prices! We also promise our customers quick delivery together with fast and simple installation.

Dakota Gun Safes List

More About Dakota Safes

Dakota Safes Provide High Fire Protection

More Fire Protection

In order to offer more fire resistance, Dakota safes are built with the inclusion of special material layers in the body, a Palusol Heat seal and a composite door. This way, Dakota safes provide up to 2 hours fire resistance at 1250° degrees temperature. Bad Lands safes have 60 minutes fire rating.

Every Dakota Gun Safe Comes With High Level Of Security

High Level Of Security

Dakota safes contain rare security features which make them much stronger than other safes. Anti-Pry Tabs prevent the bolts from moving in case of intrusion. Dakota's Slip Clutch special design keeps the door from falling away. Re-Locker System includes a steel plate which stops any drill attack.

The Body Of Each Dakota Safe Has Continuous Welds

Continuous Welds

All safes of Dakota brand are made with careful attention to each detail. They have a fully continuous welded body. Which means that every plate is joined to another with a solidly welded bead that makes them one strong plate of steel. That is why Dakota safes are more endurant and robust than others.

Dakota Offers High Quality Safes At an Affordable Price

Affordable Price

The mission of Dakota brand is to provide affordable safes of the highest quality. All our safes include only the most important features without any unnecessary ones which can increase the price. We are pleased to offer the safes of mid-range and higher to cater to the demands of all our customers.

Dakota Gives Lifetime Warranty On All Safes

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Dakota Company is ready to repair or replace, at our discretion, any damaged safe no matter what caused it. The service is due the lifetime of the original purchaser. In other cases, our authorized agents evaluate the damage then the owner sends it to us freight prepaid. We fix it and send it back.