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More About Safes With Drop Slot

Safes with a drop slot are used in shops, cafes, banks and other businesses. Safes with cash drop slot facilitate work of both staff and management; on the one hand they help to avoid thefts, on the other hand, there is no need for the safe owners to spare time and nerves keeping money in control. An office safe with a drop slot is very convenient for storing not only cash but documents, deposit slips and receipts. When you have a busy day and are pressed for time, you can quickly drop them into a safe box with drop slot knowing that no one will see them until you do it.

The Safe Keeper offers reliable and durable drop slot safes for very affordable prices. Place an order and we will deliver one for you very quickly.

Questions & Answers

How do safes with drop slot look?

Safes with drop slot have a very simple design. They have a slot or drawer which allows the user to drop cash and documents inside without opening them.

Where are safes with drop slot used?

Drop slot safes are used by banks, restaurants, convenient stores and other businesses. A safe box with drop slot helps control cash without spending a lot of time for it.

What kind of lock is used in drop slot depository safe?

Drop slot depository safes come with a digital, key or dual key lock. Combination safe with drop slot are also quite popular.

Safes with drop slot of what brands are available at your store?

The Safe Keeper offers drop slot safes made by Hollon. The brand is reliable, and manufactures the safes of the highest US quality.

How much does a commercial safe with drop slot cost?

There are various commercial safes with drop slot for sale.They differ in size, design, included features, etc. As a rule the price for them varies between $200-$400.