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More About Champion Vault Doors

Champion Vault Doors are constructed with that high accuracy and quality which the brand is known for. They come for sale with the set of features which the doors for the higher price have. Among the most useful characteristics are Royce Roll Bar which provides secure and convenient door opening and closing. Three external hinges are used to support the weight of a door. And two thick steel panels provide sandwiched fire insulation. Champion Vault Doors are definitely worth their price.

Questions & Answers

How heavy is Champion vault door?
A Champion vault door is built from the strongest steel and comes with significant fire insulation that make it pretty heavy. An average door of the brand weighs 820 lb (372 kg).

How big are Champion vault doors?
At our store, all models of Champion vault doors are of the same size. It features 81-90" height, 41-50" width, and 1-10" depth.

Are Champion vault doors fireproof?
All Champion vault doors are loaded with 2 Layers of 5/8" Type X fire insulation. It means that the doors have reinforced fire resistance.

How strong is Champion vault door?
Champion vault doors are really strong. The feature is achieved by means of special design, and 12-Gauge steel the units are made from.

How much does Champion vault door cost?
Champion vault door price for sale is determined by its size, included features, fire insulation, type of lock, and others. At our store, you can buy one from $5,000 to $5,500.