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More about Champion Trophy Series Gun Safes

No Compromise for Greatness.

True to its name Champion Trophy Series Gun Safe won the competitors in terms of the best combination of security level, capacity, design and fair price. Trophy Series are able to accommodate up to 62 guns and a lot of small valuables. The safes come either in high-gloss or textured finishes, and a pretty velor interior.

  • Fire Protection:75 mins, 1500°F
  • Outer Shell Thickness:11 ga
  • Inner Door Steel Thickness:14 ga
  • Door Bolts:Up to 16, 1.25"-Diameter
  • Gun Count:Up to 62
  • Door Steel Thickness:10 ga

Trophy Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Only real winners buy a Champion Trophy Safe to keep their important papers, cash or other valuable things, which were not easily achieved. Champion Trophy Series Safes are special. They have exceptional exterior either in high-gloss or textured finishes and pretty velor interior. Champion Trophy Safe price depends on the safe model. The safe models greatly vary in size and configuration. Our Champion Trophy Gun Safes for sale can accommodate from 12 to 62 guns and have either executive or standard interior together with a very convenient door organizer for small valuables.

(Cubic Feet)
Weight (lbs)
Outer Shell
Door Steel
Inner Door
Steel Thickness
Door Edge
TY-60 50" x 72.25" x 28" 59 CF 1250 11ga. 10ga. 14ga. 3/4" 16 - 1.25" 62
TY-50 42" x 72" x 28" 51 CF 1105 11ga. 10ga. 14ga. 3/4" 16 - 1.25" 52
TY-40 36" x 66" x 26" 42 CF 905 11ga. 10ga. 14ga. 3/4" 14 - 1.25" 42
TY-25 30" x 60" x 24" 26 CF 705 11ga. 10ga. 14ga. 3/4" 14 - 1.25" 24
TY-17 24" x 60" x 21" 17 CF 550 11ga. 10ga. 14ga. 3/4" 12 - 1.25" 12
* Total Depth includes 2-1/2" for handle.