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Champion home safes for sale come compact to be installed even in the smallest room, though the one offers enough place for documents, money, jewelry and other prized possessions. Buying Champion Home safe, you get nearly the same features of larger and more expensive vaults but at more attractive price. Champion Home Safe is very popular among authorized dealers as well as buyers due to its reliable fire and pry resistance and enduring value. Lifetime warranty is another perk offered by the safe manufacturer. Champion home safes prices range from $1,295 to $1,550 for the base configuration.

Champion Home Safes List

More About Champion Home Safes

Every Champion Gun Safe Provides High Level Of Security

Top Security Level

High security level of Champion home safes is achieved by means of best quality steel and well-thought out design. The vaults come with double-steel door casement and a top security door, so that the chance to break in is very low. A bolt-detent™ system and extra lock protection make it equal to zero.

Champion Gun Safes Come With Varied Interior Options

Customisable Interior

The interior design of Champion home safes is really well-elaborated. However, each safe owner can easily change it to the one which meets their needs. All Champion home safes are equipped with shelves which are easily moved or removed. There are also a lot of useful hooks and pockets on the door.

The Lifetime Warranty is Given For Every Champion Safe

Lifetime Warranty

The manufactures of Champion home safes are so certain that their products have top notch quality, that they offer life time warranty on them. Which mean that a safe owner can complain about a defect in materials and workmanship whenever they notice it. Champion manufacturer promises to fix it for free.

Champion Safes are Produced From The Steel Made in the USA

Built With American-Made Steel

Champion home safes are built with American-made steel, which has unmatched quality. It means that they are stronger if compared to some safes from competitive brands. Champion home safes are known to have the strongest body and thick composite walls which give them high protection against burglars.