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Champion Safes

An updated version of a famous idiom would say ”better Champion safe than sorry!”.

It is hard to compete with highly esteemed brand quality at cutthroat prices of Champion gun safes. They are heavy, tough and strong. But the most exceptional feature of all Champion safes for sale is sophisticated door defense system with a layer of inner door steel, which provides the highest level of security. Another pleasant advantage is an outstanding Champion safe interior, which is done by copying an amazing pirate style.

Being among Champion gun safes authorized dealers The Safe Keeper offers a significant choice of the vaults which are available in different sizes, capacities, colors and finishes. Select and buy the best Champion gun safe you will find at our store!

Champion Gun Safes List

More About Champion Safes

Every Champion Gun Safe Provides High Level Of Security

High Level Of Security

Champion can offer more security than any other safe of the same price range. That's because all Champion safes are equipped with 4-way active boltworks mechanism and made of ASTM certified strong steel plates. Ultimately, in means of security, Champion safes comply with the standards of Underwriters Laboratories.

Champion Safes are Known For Their Extraordinary Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Champion gun safes are known for their unprecedented fire resistance. The highest level of fire protection is acknowledged by UL72 certification team. Which means that the safes can withstand up to 2 hours in fire. All Champion safes are built with Phoenix™ Fire Security system to protect their content from any fire damage.

Champion Gun Safes Come With Varied Interior Options

Interior Options

Champion gun safes come in various dimensions, so that each owner could choose the storage which meets their requirements. The interior design of each safe is also different and can be easily customized. The shelves in Champion safes can be removed or adjusted to provide useful place for both long guns and small stuff.

The Lifetime Warranty is Given For Every Champion Safe

Premium Lifetime Warranty

Champion safes can proudly offer a lifetime warranty on all their products. Besides, the manufacturer enables optional extended lock warranty for both standard and electronic locks. Choose either 10 or 15 year lifetime extended warranty and be sure that you will never spend a dollar for changing Champion safe's lock.

Champion Safes are Produced From The Steel Made in the USA

All Steel Made In USA

Champion safes can brag that trustworthy quality which only American manufacturer can provide. Since 1999 Champion has been keeping one of the leading places in safe production. Compared to some of their competitors Champion safes are twice stronger. They have quite robust body and steel reinforced door casement.