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More about Champion Estate Series Gun Safes

High-security safe for any decor.

Champion Estate Series Gun Safes incorporates the elegance of exterior and convenience of interior. The former is achieved by an unusual arch door idea. The latter is the result of a number of wood drawers, bags and jewelry hooks. Estate Series have the same robust and fire resistant body which all Champion safes can brag.

  • Fire Protection:90 mins, 1650°F (ES30) and 75 mins, 1500°F (ES25, ES17)
  • Outer Shell Thickness:10 ga (ES30), 11 ga (ES25, ES17)
  • Inner Door Steel Thickness:12 ga (ES30), 14 ga (ES25, ES17)
  • Door Bolts:Up to 16, 1.5"-Diameter
  • Gun Count:Up to 8
  • Door Steel Thickness:3/16" and 10 ga

Estate Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Champion Estate Series fire gun safes are built to exceed any expectation of its owner in terms of both exterior and interior design. They look really nice and match any room style. All Champion Estate gun safes for sale are very capacious and come equipped with many useful drawers, shelves and pockets. Compared to the other safes for the price, Champion Estate gun safe series is stuffed with the best set of security features to withstand fire at 1500°F for 75 minutes and criminal attacks.

(Cubic Feet)
Weight (lbs)
Outer Shell
Door Steel
Inner Door
Steel Thickness
ES-30 32" x 66.25" x 24" 30 CF 940 10ga. 3/16" 12ga. 16 - 1.5" 8
ES-25 31" x 60" x 24" 26 CF 735 11ga. 10ga. 14ga. 14 - 1.25" 6
ES-17 24" x 60" x 21" 17 CF 585 11ga. 10ga. 14ga. 12 - 1.25" 6
* Total Depth includes 2-1/2" for handle.