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Commercial Cash Safes & Boxes

Cash safes are designed to keep money organized and protected. Therefore, the main feature to consider while buying the one is a level of protection from burglary. It is determined by a strong material storage is built from, lock type, relockers, hard plates, looking bolts and other features. Another threat for cash is fire. Although a fireproof cash safe comes for a higher price than the one without such characteristics, it is worth it. Some of them allow up to two hour fire resistance. You can find cash safes for business and home available for sale at our store. They differ mostly by dimensions, design and price.

How to choose the best cash safe for business

Selecting a commercial cash safe, you need to consider a few factors. The first ones are its dimensions and design. Depending on your needs, you may buy either a smaller or a bigger box and choose a convenient design. Then pay attention to security characteristics and fire resistance of the storage. A good retail cash safe should be at least B-rated. We also recommend choosing a safe with a convenient locking mechanism, so that you may have faster and easier access to your assets.

Fire rating

Fire is one of the main dangers that you may face storing cash. Although there are no 100 % fireproof cash safe models, a high quality unit may offer significant protection from fire. Cash safes available for sale at our store are built from flame resistant materials, that allow preventing content from burning for up to 120 minutes at 1750 °F.

Burglary rating

The main concern of cash owners is definitely theft. That is why they actually buy a safe. Any retail or office cash safes should be made of strong materials and loaded with features that provide a significant level of security. The proof of the security level the storage has is in its rating. It should be at least B-rated. It means being constructed with a strong at least ¼-inch thick steel body, and ½-inch thick door and equipped with re-locker mechanisms.

Cash safe locking mechanism

A quality cash safe locking mechanism will make a storage not only much more secure but also more convenient to use. Generally, cash safes come for sale with either electronic lock or dial lock. The former is more user-friendly and enables easy access, whereas a combination cash safe is more robust. However, looking for even more reinforced security, safe engineers offer units with fingerprint access. These allow no chance for robbers to guess the opening combination of digits.


Business money safes are available in a number of designs. Small cash safes are portable and can be helpful when you need to carry your cash with you. Large cash safes are handy if you need to accommodate and organize a lot of money, papers and other valuables. Referring to your office room requirements, you may choose to buy either tall or wide storage. The former will help save useful space in the room, meanwhile the latter is more convenient to use.

Cash safes manufacturers

There are a lot of money safes for business for different costs available on the market. Therefore, it is important to choose storage produced by a reliable manufacturer. From our experience, cash safes made in the USA are top-quality units. They are built of strong materials, have proven design and equipped with all necessary security features. Hollon brand is one of the leading cash safe manufacturers. Products built by the brand can boast a good ratio of price and quality.

Questions & Answers

What is a cash safe?
Cash safe is engineered for secure storing paper bills and documents. They are mostly bought for retail business and other commercial purposes but can be also used for home needs.

How long cash safe can withstand fire?
It depends on the characteristics of a safe. A quality fireproof cash safe can withstand up to 2 hours of fire. The Safe Keeper offers only fireproof safes from leading brands.

Are cash safes you offer for sale burglary rated?
We offer only the best cash safes made by proven USA brands. Thus, all safes we offer are burglary rated.

How much does a cash safe cost?
Price for a cash safe depends on size, lock type, and characteristics. A fireproof cash safe is a bit cheaper than a burglary-rated one. At our store the price range varies from $490 to up to $1200.

Cash safes of what brands do you offer?
We recommend buying safes only from proven US manufacturers. Hollon brand is a flagman in production of cash safes for sale, in our opinion.