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The purpose of a business safe

Commercial safes are needed for a wide range of businesses, such as cafes, restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, offices. If you deal with a lot of cash or bills, papers or documents, or other precious stuff, you should keep it all in a secure place otherwise the things could be stolen or lost. In a nutshell, if you are a business owner, invest in a quality business safe and forget about every minute control and constant worries about your valuables.

The quality of a commercial safe

A good commercial safe is designed and built by professionals. Choose a vault from reputed manufacturers. The Safe Keeper recommends you to buy products from American brands which have proven a good reputation on the market. Also consider that a business safe of high quality is made of thick steel and offers a high rating of protection against burglars and fire. Such a storage also has a smart and robust locking system, and equipped with bars, bolts and hard plates for more security.

Business safe capacity

Your safe for business should have enough space for all your important papers and things. If you plan to grow your company, buy a bit bigger storage than you need now. The interior design of your commercial safe should be convenient to use, it should include enough shelves, pockets and compartments. It will allow you to keep all your valuables in order and have quick access to them.

Commercial safe types

Depending on your business requirements and needs you may choose a commercial safe with appropriate set of features and characteristics. There are fireproof safes which can withstand up to 2 hours in fire, and the ones which offer reinforced protection against thefts. If you own a convenience store, hotel, gas station, you may choose a drop commercial safe which makes it easier to collect cash and receipts. A triple drop safe has three separate compartments for sorting out valuables. You can also choose among biometric business safe, the one with a combination or mechanic lock, and a digital lock vault.

Questions & Answers About Commercial Safes

Are commercial safes to protect cash from fire?
Not exactly. Commercial safes are intended to protect documents, receipts and cash from thefts and fire. Some of them have higher fire-resistance, the others theft-deterrence, the third ones are built to withstand both.

Which types of business safes for sale do you have?
Commercial safes can be of several types. There are cash boxes, depository, drop, hopper drop, front loading drop, triple drop safes. They can also be fireproof, burglary and fire burglary ones. Depending on a locking system, business safes may be biometric, electronic and dial lock ones.

Business safes of what brands do you offer?
The selection of business safes at our store includes only top quality products. They are built by American manufacturers with well-known brand names.

Which brand of commercial safe is the best?
The Safe Keeper, Las Vegas, Nevada, recommends commercial safes from proven American brands. Hollon and Baron are among the best in the industry.

How much does a commercial safe cost?
The price for a commercial safe depends on its size, included features, locking system and many other criteria. The price range for such storages at our store varies from $187 up to $5,078.