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More about Browning Prestige Pro-Series Gun Safes

Browning Prestige Pro-Series Gun Safes are absolutely various in design, capacity and price. However, all Prestige Pro-Series safes have rather high fire rating and unparalleled security. The safes are offered for sale with ample customization options so that the owner could create the storage which meets their requirements.

  • Fire Protection:1700°F/110 min
  • Fire Seal:Palusol®
  • Insulation Thickness - Door:2-3/8"
  • Insulation Thickness - Body:2-1/2"
  • Insulation Thickness - Ceiling:2-1/2"
  • Body Steel Thickness:10-Gauge
  • Door Thickness/Type:1-11/16" Duo-Formed®
  • Inner Plate Specification:Full 10-Gauge
  • Locking System:Gear Drive
  • Locking Bolt Size:4" x 1" MAX
  • Locking Bolts Side Coverage:4 Sides
  • Pry-Stop Bolts:2 MAX Corner Bolts
  • Lock:S&G® Mechanical or Top Lit Electronic
  • Lock Protection Features:2 Hard Plates, 1⁄4" Thick
  • Reinforced Door Frame:4-Sided, Full Reinforcement
  • Hinge Caps:Black Chrome, Silver Chrome or Gold
  • Interior:Simulated Worn Leather
  • Handle:Knurled, 5-Spoke, Black Chrome, Silver Chrome or Gold
  • 180° Hinges:Yes
  • LED Lighting Package:Yes
  • Electrical Outlet:Yes
  • Raised Floor:Yes
  • Storage Solution:Axis Shelving, DPX® with Quick Access Barrel Rack and Scope Saver
  • DPX® Handgun Pouches/Hooks:2 Pouches, 5 Hooks
  • Axis Accessories Included:Drawer with Multipurpose Insert, File Box, 5-Gun Pistol Rack
  • Gun Count:Up to 65

Prestige Pro-Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

Browning Prestige safe boasts a great reputation for its high quality. It makes a hit with customers due to its elegant exterior, graceful and comfortable interior design and huge capacity. Browning Prestige pro-series safes are highly resistant to break-ins, fire and water damages due to sophisticated locking systems with many locking bolts, and strong materials it is made of. Browning Prestige safe prices are attractive taking into account the number of features it includes. The price of a new Browning Prestige gun safe could range from $5,450 to $8,650 for the base configuration. Buy a prestige safe and feel confident; your valuables are in the right place!

(Cubic Feet)
Weight (lbs)
Inner Plate
Prestige 33 60" x 31" x 26" 28 CF 905 10ga. 1-11/16" Full 10-Gauge 12 - 4"x1" MAX 33
Prestige 49 60" x 44" x 26" 40 CF 1,115 10ga. 1-11/16" Full 10-Gauge 12 - 4"x1" MAX 49
Prestige 49T 72" x 44" x 26" 48 CF 1,360 10ga. 1-11/16" Full 10-Gauge 14 - 4"x1" MAX 49
Prestige 65 60" x 57" x 26" 52 CF 1,305 10ga. 1-11/16" Full 10-Gauge 14 - 4"x1" MAX 65
Prestige 65T 72" x 57" x 26" 62 CF 1,595 10ga. 1-11/16" Full 10-Gauge 14 - 4"x1" MAX 65