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More about Browning Platinum Plus Series Gun Safes

Being manufactured in the USA, Browning Platinum Plus Series Gun Safes can boast the best quality and reliability. The series comes for sale in 7-Gauge steel body for high pry resistance and with ThermaBlock fire protection. The amazing Grade VI cedar interior makes Platinum safes the most stylish among the storages of the same price range.

  • Fire Protection:1750°F/120 min
  • Body Steel Thickness:3/16" (7-Gauge)
  • Body Insulation:3-1/8"
  • Door Insulation:2-3/8"
  • Ceiling Insulation:2-1/2"
  • Door Thickness/Type:1-11/16" Thick Duo-Formed® Door With Full Coverage 10-Gauge Inner Plate
  • Locking System:Uni-Force
  • Locking Bolts:4"x1" Max Bolts
  • Locking Bolts Side Coverage:4 Sides (all sides)
  • Lock Feature:OmniBarrier® Lock Protection System
  • Pry-Stop Corner Bolts:Yes
  • Gun Count:Up to 65

Platinum Plus Series: Base Features and Comparison Chart

In case you are an owner of many costly articles, including guns Browning Platinum Plus safe is definitely your choice. Browning Platinum Plus series safes are extremely high and wide thus enable really much space for storage. They have exquisite exterior which you can customize by selecting the color, trim and safe scene you like. Browning Platinum Plus safes for sale combine impeccable quality and acceptable prices. However, the price is contingent on the extra features, design and accessories you will chose. Gun safes prices of Platinum Plus series range from $9,299 to $12,509 for the base configuration. Consequently, buying Browning Platinum Plus safe you get the vault tailored to your needs!

Exterior Dimensions
Interior Dimensions
(Cubic Feet)
Weight (lbs)
High Capacity
Barrel Racks
Pistol Racks
Long Gun
PP49 - WIDE 60" x 46" x 27" 54" x 38-1/2" x 17" 43 1425 5 3 1 - 14 (all active) 49 (26/39+10)
PP49T - TALL WIDE 72" x 46" x 27" 66" x 38-1/2" x 17" 52 1620 8 3 1 - 16 (all active) 49 (26/39+10)
PP65T - TALL X-WIDE 72" x 59" x 27" 66" x 51" x 17" 66 1920 12 4 1 1 16 (all active) 65 (39/52+13)